Freshly prepared

You have slept well and now you are hungry. If you are lucky to stay in KOMIZA let us suggest some yummmy options for everyone!


1.) Chia puding. Lactose free milk, honey, chia seeds, cinammon. HRK 17,00

2.) Birchermüsli original. Overnight oats soaked in water with lactose free milk, grated fresh apple, cinammon and honey. HRK 22,00

3.) Granola with yogurt. Plain yogurt, honey, granola, fresh fruit. HRK 19,00

4.) Bacon eggs. 3 slices of nice bacon, 3 fresh eggs, 2 toasts. HRK 25,00

5.) Cheese and ham omelette. 3 fresh eggs, ham, cheese, 2 toasts. HRK 25,00

6.) Caprese salad. Tomato and mozzarella cheese. Olive oil. HRK 30,00

7.) Fried rice. Rice, carrot, cabbage, garlic, egg, fish and oyster sauce, spring onion. HRK 35,00

8.) Egg and tuna salad. 2 boiled eggs, tuna, mixed vegetables salad. HRK 40,00

9.) Mixed vegetables Salad. Carrot, green leaft salad, cabbage, tomato, onion. HRK 30,00

10.) Orange Apple Ginger Shake. Fresh apple, orange and ginger and ice. HRK 22,00


Order at untill 18:00h for the next morning. Delivery to your Luxury island Vis accomodation. 

Breakfast for other guests starting June 15 2021.